Friendly Fire – Episode 49 – Special – Election Time – Final Round and Early Voting

Join Caliph Knight and Jamese on a reflection of the 3rd Presidential Debate. The 3rd Debate went on as plan but was it a slug-fest? How did the opponents answer the question and did they have enough practice to sale themselves as presidential? Also, while the election is slowing coming to its climax, it seems that there has been developments around the world in Ecuador, USA, and on the web. What do you all think of this? LOOK OUT for Early Voting

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Caliph Knight

Caliph Knight

Caliph Knight is Founder of Krusade Entertainment. Using this company to pursue music, he also began to travel and a long with Jamese Newkirk co-founded Crossfire. He has been writing for a few years while also producing Podcasts since 2014.

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