Friendly Fire – Episode 48 – Special – Election Time – Round 2 – Town Hall Debate

Join Caliph Knight and Jamese on a reflection of the 2nd Presidential Debate. The 2nd Debate was heated as to be expected. What were some of the highlights and low points of the evening. Please check the work cited areas for links to the articles in question to fact check me. Also, there is a new documentary on Netflix call 13th. It is a fabulous piece of work. Check it out and let us know your feelings.

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Caliph Knight

Caliph Knight

Caliph Knight is Founder of Krusade Entertainment. Using this company to pursue music, he also began to travel and a long with Jamese Newkirk co-founded Crossfire. He has been writing for a few years while also producing Podcasts since 2014.

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